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If the appointment time you're looking for is not available please call (612) 872-9596/ Uptown or (763) 205-3783/Plymouth as there may be flexibility.
New Patient Consult (Choose Location)
Massage (Uptown) - $70
Massage 90 (Uptown) - $100
Massage 30 (Uptown) - $40
Tight on time? 30 minutes is all you need!
Blood Flow Restriction Therapy - $45
Blood Flow Restriction Rehabilitation (BFR) is a paradigm shifting intervention for the rehabilitation professional with over 160 peer-reviewed articles in the scientific literature. By applying a tourniquet briefly and intermittently to an exercising limb you can induce significant and substantial strength, hypertrophy and endurance changes while using a very light load.

Why use BFR?

Blood flow restriction training has consistently demonstrated strength and hypertrophy gains vs controls and comparable gains to heavy load lifting.
Sports Rehab Consult w/ATC Sara Koss - $85
Sports Rehab Treatment w/ATC Sara Koss - $60
Reflexive Reset Follow-up (Choose Location) - $100
Reflexive Reset Initial (Choose Location) - $150

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